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Welcome to Bashful Beauty Spa, the premier destination for all your skin care needs in Rockwall, TX and surrounding areas.Our expert staff of professional estheticians are dedicated to providing you with the latest in technology and products to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.From waxing and facials to custom spray tans and teeth whitening, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your skin care needs. We take pride in customizing our treatment plans to fit your unique needs and always keep your best interests in mind.
For a pampering experience that leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated, book your appointment today and let us take care of you.
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Bashful Beauty - Rockwall Texas
Bashful Beauty - Rockwall Texas

Hair Removal


At Bashful Beauty, you’ll be treated to a world class waxing process that combines expert techniques and the highest quality products. If you have something in mind you don’t see on the menu, just ask. We’re here to help you achieve the radiance you deserve.

  • Brazilian

  • Bikini

  • Body

  • Face

  • Membership Discounts

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Pre Wax Instructions

PostWax Instructions



Our Signature facial is highly customized to each client’s specific skin goals. Your skincare expert will customize the products and procedure to maximize your results and help you achieve your skin goals.

  • Anti-Aging

  • Acne Breakouts

  • Hydration

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Bashful Beauty - Rockwall Texas

Bashful Beauty - Rockwall Texas

The Eyes


Not everyone has a lush set of lashes, but you'd be surprised what you can do with a lash lift and tint. Check out our instagram for some amazing before and afters.

  • Dramatic results

  • Use your own lashes

  • Looks like you got extensions without the headache

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UV Safe Tanning


An all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals, leaving your skin radiant, with a natural-looking, golden-brown glow. You can rinse in as little as 2-8 hours and with proper aftercare should last 7-10 days.

  • Vacations

  • Weddings

  • Body Building

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Bashful Beauty - Rockwall Texas

Bashful Beauty - Rockwall Texas

Gorgeous Teeth


Our in-house treatment is an extremely fast and effective alternative to other products that you see on the market.

  • Dramatic results in as little as one hour

  • Painless

  • Relaxing, hands-off process

Our Story

Doe's Skincare Cottage

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty and anti-aging industry, Doe Hernandez brings a unique, scientifically-based approach to skincare at Bashful Beauty Spa. Assembling the most talented team in Texas, we are proud to be located in the heart of downtown Rockwall.Visit us today and experience the difference in quality skincare. Book an appointment and see for yourself why our clients keep coming back. You won't be disappointed!

Doe Hernandez - Bashful Beauty

Located in Downtown Rockwall

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We're located in the cute little green cottage next to Bin 303.Address
502 N Goliad St
Rockwall, TX 75087

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Waxing Menu

FEMALE WAXINGFemale's Abdomen
Female's Basic Bikini
Female's Brazilian
Female's Brazilian / Buttocks
Female's Brow Shaping
Female's Buttocks (includes inner backside)
Female's Buttocks add on to Membership
Female's Chest
Female's Chin
Female's Ears
Female's Extended Bikini
Female's Extended Bikini / Inner Backside Combo
Female's Facial Cheek Wax
Female's Feet & Toes
Female's Forehead
Female's Full Arms
Female's Full Back
Female's Full Body Wax
Female's Full Face (brows not included)
Female's Full Legs
Female's Half Arms
Female's Half Back
Female's Hands & Fingers
Female's Inner Backside
Female's Inner Thigh
Female's Lip
Female's Lower Half Legs
Female's Neck
Female's Nose (Inside)
Female's Nose (top)
Female's Sideburns
Female's Underarm
Female's Unibrow
Female's Upper Half Legs
Male’s Forehead
UNLIMITED Brazilian Membership - $50 / month

MALE WAXINGMale Underarms
Male's Abs
Male's Brow
Male's Buttocks (includes inner backside)
Male's Cheek
Male's Chest
Male's Chest / Ab Combo
Male's Ears
Male's Fingers
Male's Full Arms
Male's Full Back
Male's Full Body Wax
Male's Full Legs
Male's Grooming Package
Male's Grooming Package Deluxe
Male's Half Arms
Male's Half Back
Male's Head Wax
Male's Inner Backside
Male's Lower Half Legs
Male's Nose (Inside)
Male's Unibrow
Male's Upper Half Legs
Man-Zilian (Brazillian for Male's)
UNLIMITED Manzilian Membership -$80 / Month

JR. WAXINGJr 1/2 Leg (for 13 yrs and under only)
Jr Brow Shaping (for 13 yrs and under only)
Jr Leg (for 13 yrs and under only)
Jr Lip (for 13 yrs and under only)
Jr Underarm
Jr Unibrow



FACIALSAnti Aging Peptide Facial.
Custom Back Facial
Custom CBD Facial
Custom Chemical Peel
Custom Chest/Ab Facial
Custom Couple's Facial
Custom Enzyme Peel Facial
Custom Express Facial
Custom Facial
Custom Hydra-facial
Custom Microdermabrasion Facial
Custom Oxygen RX Facial
Dermablading, Enzyme Peel & Hydrating Mask Treatment
Micro Needling
Pregnancy Facial
Series Follow Up Facial
Super Berry Brightening Facial
SWiCH Treatment
Teen Facial (19 and under ONLY)

UPGRADESDecollete (chest area) Upgrade
Dermablading Facial Upgrade
Detoxifying Facial Massage Upgrade
Extraction Facial Upgrade
Facial Mask Upgrade
Foot Massage Upgrade
Foot Scrub Upgrade
Foot Scrub/Massage Combo Upgrade
Hand and Arm Massage Upgrade
Hand and Arm Scrub Upgrade
Hand and Arm Scrub/Massage Combo Upgrade
Hydra Facial Upgrade
Hydrojelly Brazilian Mask Upgrade
Hydrojelly Facial Mask Upgrade
LED Light Therapy Facial Upgrade
Lip Treatment Upgrade
Neck and Shoulder Massage Upgrade
Peel Upgrade
SWiCH Decollete Upgrade


Lash Menu

SPRAY TANSKeratin Lash Treatment
Lash Extension Removal
Lash Lift
Lash Lift / Tint Combo
Lash Tint
Patch Test (Must be taken at least 24 hours prior to service)


spray tan Menu

SPRAY TANSMobile Spray Tan
Rapid Solution Spray Tan
Spray Tan


pre wax routine

Let it grow out!If you have been shaving, allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks or 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch of hair growth. If it is shorter than less 1/4 inch the hair will be too short for the wax to adhere to. Hair that is too long can be painful and may cause the hair to break vs being pulled out from the follicle.Avoid heat.
No tanning beds, hot tubs and saunas before your appointment.
Clean Up.
Please shower or freshen up before your Brazilian, bikini or body wax
Exfoliating will help you to achieve an effective wax! If there is a build up of dead cells / dry skin, the wax will remove that and is less able to grasp the hairs on the skin. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, reduces ingrown hairs, leaves the skin silky smooth and gives your hair an easier exit. A gritty body scrub or shower glove / mitt used two times a week is best. After we scrub our skin is a little sensitive, so it is best to do this no sooner than 12 -24 hours before your waxing appointment.
No Product.
Do not apply heavy creams, self tanners, perfume, body sprays or deodorants before your appointment. However moisturizing in between waxing is a very good idea, to keep skin hydrated.
Be comfy.
Wear loose comfortable clothing to prevent irritation after waxing and avoid tight clothing to prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts. If you are waxing your back or chest it is suggested to bring a clean shirt to wear after your waxing service.
Sensitive Skin.
If you are really sensitive and feeling nervous about the discomfort that can come with waxing we suggest taking an over the counter anti inflammatory such as ibruprofin 30 minutes prior to your appointment to help with the discomfort. The first time you wax is usually the most painful, however, with regular sessions the discomfort and pain will slowly diminish.
Smoking, caffeine & alcohol consumption create higher acidity in the body and are quite stimulating which will increase skin sensitivity. So give it a few hours beforehand & drink water instead to keep hydration levels up.Redness.
Waxing services will not be performed if any redness due to sun exposure is present on the skin. This measure is taken solely for our client’s safety and benefit. If you tan before waxing, there is an increased chance of skin irritation or abrasion, even with no visible sunburn. Try to avoid sun exposure or tanning beds 24-48 hours prior to waxing.
Please let your esthetician know if you have recently used or are using any medication prescribed by a dermatologist/doctor to treat acne, wrinkles, or skin discoloration within the past year.


post wax routine

CleanKeep the area that was waxed clean. I know it’s hard but try to avoid touching your silky soft skin. There’s bacteria on your hands that can be easily transfered to your open pores and lead to breakouts. Products with tea tree oil in it are great for it’s anti-bacterial qualities.Sensitivity
You’ve just been waxed, so it’s normal for your skin to be a little sensitive for the next 24 – 48 hours. Apply a cold compress to sooth the skin if you experience sensitivity or irritation after your treatment. Hydro-cortisone cream also reduces the
redness and irritation following your treatment.
All Natural.
Do not apply deodorants or antiperspirants for 12 – 24 hrs.
Avoid products with fragrance such as perfumes, liquid soaps, bar soaps, lotions, heavy creams for at least 12 – 24 hours. However, aloe-vera gel is wonderful to soothe skin with.
Wear loose-fitting, cotton underpants after bikini waxes, preventing irritation & ingrown hair formation.
No Chemicals.
Since waxing does exfoliate your skin we suggest avoiding all
mechanical and chemical exfoliating agents for at least 36 hours. This includes all topical acne medication as well as all forms of retinoids. Begin exfoliating 3 days after your wax and continue to exfoliate 2-3 times per week to minimize the presence of ingrown hairs. If you suffer from ingrown hairs it can be beneficial to discontinue the use of bar soaps as they contain ingredients that are known to increase the presence of ingrown hairs.
Sweat Free.
Avoid any activity that causes perspiration or friction for 24 hours. This includes exercise, intimacy and tight clothing. This is especially important if you are susceptible to breakouts as the bacteria naturally present on the skin and in perspiration are more easily able to enter the hair follicle and cause inflammation during this time.
Exercise before your appointment and not after to avoid higher risk of breaking out. Tight clothing can also press up against the skin causing friction and irritation. We suggest
wearing loose clothing or / and going commando.
Avoid Heat. No tanning, sun bathing, hot tubs or saunas, steam rooms for 48 hours after your treatment. Since a layer of dead skin cells have been removed and your skin is more exposed sun and or heat exposure can more easily burn the skin and increase chances of skin irritation or abrasion, even with no visible sunburn.No Soaking.
Avoid large bodies of water. NO hot tubs, sauna, baths, steam rooms, lakes etc. for a minimum of 48 hours. Your pores are more vulnerable and can easily absorb the chemicals, toxins, germs and bacteria that dwell in these areas.
For Pain.
To help with pain & post wax inflammation an ibuprofen tablet taken a half hour prior to your treatment may be helpful. The most sensitive areas to have waxed are
the lip, chest & bikini/genital regions.


Frequently Asked Questions - Spa Services at Bashful Beauty Spa

Is waxing better than shaving?Yes, waxing offers several advantages over shaving. It provides longer-lasting results, smoother skin, and reduces hair growth over time. Our professional estheticians ensure a comfortable waxing experience for optimal results.Does waxing hurt?
While waxing may cause some discomfort, our skilled estheticians use techniques to minimize pain. They also provide soothing post-wax treatments for a comfortable experience. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities.
Will I be orange if I get a spray tan?
No, our spray tans are carefully formulated to provide a natural-looking, golden-brown glow. We use premium products and customize the tan to match your skin tone. Our technicians ensure a flawless and realistic tan every time.
How long does a spray tan last?
The longevity of a spray tan can vary depending on individual factors and aftercare. Generally, our spray tans last between 7-10 days with proper maintenance. Following our recommended aftercare instructions will help prolong your tan.
What should I do before a facial treatment?
Before a facial treatment, cleanse your face thoroughly and remove any makeup. Arrive with a clean face and avoid applying heavy skincare products on the treatment day. Our estheticians will guide you with any specific pre-treatment instructions.
Are your facials suitable for sensitive skin?
Absolutely! We offer facials specifically designed for sensitive skin. Our estheticians use gentle and nourishing products to provide a soothing experience. Rest assured that your skin will be treated with the utmost care and attention.
How often should I get a lash lift?
The duration of a lash lift can vary based on individual factors. Typically, a lash lift lasts 6-8 weeks. Many clients schedule appointments every 6-8 weeks to maintain their desired lifted and voluminous lash appearance.
Can men also benefit from your spa services?
Yes, our spa services are available to both men and women. We believe that everyone deserves to feel pampered and rejuvenated. We offer tailored treatments for men, including waxing, facials, spray tans, and more.
**What are the benefits of body waxing?

Body waxing offers several benefits, such as smoother skin, longer-lasting results compared to shaving, reduced hair growth over time, and minimized skin irritation. Our expert estheticians ensure a comfortable waxing experience.
Is teeth whitening safe?
Yes, our in-house teeth whitening treatment is safe and effective. We use advanced techniques and high-quality products to provide dramatic results in as little as one hour. The process is painless and relaxing, giving you a brighter and more confident smile.