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Category: Bikini

8 Reasons You Should Only Get Professional Waxing

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories about how shaving is horrible, and you should be waxing.  Well here are the top reasons why you should listen to your friend who’s been trying to get you to book a waxing appointment at Bashful Beauty in Rockwall. THE TOP 8 REASONS YOU SHOULD GET PROFESSIONAL WAXING   More...

Waxing vs Shaving – Why You Should Wax (Not Shave) Your Vagina

Shaving and waxing for hair removal both have their pros and cons depending on your hair growth, thickness, texture, and skin sensitivity. When it comes to your pubic hair though, waxing will benefit you more in both the short and long term. Wax will always win over shaving. What happens when you shave vs wax...